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7: Castle Shannon Municipal Building


1965: Castle Shannon Municipal Building
Alexander J. Elion, June 30 1965

The Overbrook Line heads south from the Castle Shannon Municipal Building. Outbound cars let passengers off right at the Municipal Building's front doorstep.

Route 37-Shannon terminated here; after discharging the last passengers, a 37 streetcar would take the branch which curved to the right behind the Municipal Building and returned along the tracks in the foreground. Cars could also switch onto the 38 Loop toward Mount Lebanon. There is no such trackage today, but today's vehicles are double ended: they can just reverse direction beyond the switch in the distance!

The road running along the tracks to the left is Willow Avenue and captures the area featured in the five previous photos, back to the Willow Avenue Crossing at Martin Villa.

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2005: Castle Shannon Municipal Building
Friedman Wagner-Dobler, July 2 2005