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5: 38 Connector


1965: 38 Connector
Alexander J. Elion, June 30 1965

The crossover in the 1965 shot provided inbound cars with access to the spur branching west (left) just beyond the crossover. The spur connected to the Route 38 stretch of track which extended the 42/38 Mt. Lebanon / Beechview line to Castle Shannon; until the line was improved for the subway, the Mt. Lebanon stretch was mostly single track with sidings, and was used only for a handful of rush hour trips. Library and Drake riders occasionally got a peek at the line when an accident or downed lines shut down the Overbrook branch. In the 70s, a small two-light signal (yellow/red) on the left side protected the spur; ; there was a short siding just around the bend after the spur connected to the loop for trolleys running the Castle Shannon extension of the 42/38 Mt. Lebanon - Beechview line. The signal is not visible in this photo; I thought it was mounted on the pole to the left. It may not have been present in 1965, or it may have been off the left of the photograph.

From the mid-90s until just last year, all traffic followed the now double-tracked line to the left.

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2005: 38 Connector
Friedman Wagner-Dobler, July 2 2005