I have written a Poker game which simulates the play of some of those hand-held poker toys sold in electronic gadget shops. It has all of the advantages of those hand-held gizmos with the exception of being hand-held. I suppose that makes it less useful than the hand-held gizmos, but then again it does have the decided advantage of being free.

The game plays 5-card draw where up to 5 cards can be taken. The game can be configured so that deuces are wild. Winning hands have point values which add to your score; 5 points are deducted to start a hand. Point values were taken directly from two of the hand-held games I have played with (one which used wild-cards, one which did not).

The game does not feature elaborate graphics, cool win screens, great music, and lots of bells and whistles. It lets you play the game and it works pretty well.

The game is intended for amusement purposes only.

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