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Chip's Challenge is a popular game included in the Windows Entertainment Pack. Now you can create your own Chip's Challenge levels or you can modify the levels in the original game. The editor also allows you to print level maps, and to display concealed walls and buried objects.

NOTE: Chip's Challenge is copyrighted software sold in Windows Entertainment Pack #4; it is also included in the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack - still carried by CompUSA as of 6/30/98. It is illegal to distribute the software freely via the Internet, but you may be able to purchase the software online at .
No, I cannot send you Chip's Challenge.

This site has NO information about the levels, passwords, hints, or the data file format. Other people have already done a pretty good job with that; for the data file layout see Greg Heier's site (the sleuthing actually appears to have been done mostly by < anonymous > I have not solved any of the remaining mysteries identified there). Passwords to the levels are also posted there. For descriptions of each level and solutions please visit Richard Field's Chip's Challenge Page . Online maps with embedded solutions are provided at the "Fish-of-Gold" [CC] Pages. I have posted a file by Don Gregory, who has looked into some of the Clone Machine and Trap bugs in the game and offers solutions for fixing them. Click here to see this file.

For those who keep tabs on such things, I have solved all of the levels; I found level 91 ("JUMPING SWARM") by far the hardest; and level 144 ("FIREFLY") was my favorite - and not because it was the "last" level.

The .ZIP file which downloads the editor includes a help file. You are advised before you begin editting to back up your existing CHIPS.DAT file.

I ask anyone who downloads this file to please send me e-mail. It is completely free; I'm just interested in knowing who is using the editor and what sort of success (or problems) they have had (and where you're from!). I'm good about replying to problems, and it's the e-mail people who got me to add Cut/Paste, something I had no plans to do on my own.

The editor does permit construction of levels which do not obey the apparent conventions of Chip's Challenge levels. For example, the editor will allow bombs to be placed under water. The game engine does not handle all such situations effectively, however. Brown blocks pushed into such "mined" waters will produce a bomb underneath Chip when he "packs" the dirt; if he comes back he gets blown up. But Chip can swim through the water without being harmed (the bombs will disappear, as shown by trying to push a brown block onto the square AFTER you've swum through it). The editor is initially configured to block unconventional layouts (with warnings), but both the warnings and the blocking may be disabled by menu options.

WARNING: Please make a backup copy of your CHIPS.DAT and CHIPS.EXE files. I cannot send copies of these files to users who inadvertently deleted them.

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